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MCAM members are Constructors, Service providers and Suppliers of Mechanical Systems within the built environment, including specialized process piping and equipment, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire suppression, automated controls, refrigeration, insulations and independent testing and balancing.

MCAM members include residential, commercial, institutional and industrial constructors and/or service providers; union and non-union shops; urban and rural; suppliers and affiliate associations (CASA, MICA, TAB, MASMAHC and CIPH).

Add your perspective to the unified voice of Manitoba's Mechanical Industry

Driven by fundamental core values of ethics, fair representation, professional standards, grassroots, partnerships, and quality workmanship; MCAM is Industry's established, credible voice. Leaders from all aspects of the ICI and residential Mechanical Industry contribute to advocacy, policy development and educational strategies.

Together, MCAM Members drive the course of the Industry through regular consultation, networking and initiatives with Industry Partners.

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Roger Phaneuf
Wes-Man Mechanical

"MCAM is a highly active, functional and collaborative board, that individual companies' are fierce competitors on a day-to-day but put it all aside when it comes to industry related issues and mechanical contracting's greater good."

Tony Mohammed
Air Movement Services

"The holiday reception is one of my favourite events that MCAM hosts. Not only are the food and drink incredible, I truly feel like I am celebrating with family, MCAM does a great job in organizing events for their members and associates. "

Wayne Mckenzie
Randall Plumbing & Heating

"MCAM does a fine job in ensuring members get the most out of their membership, from the educational opportunities to being a strong voice in Government relations. My favourite MCAM events are the President's Ball & Golf Tournament."

Travis Clarke
BPL Sales Limited

"MCAM is a great place to network with people throughout our entire industry. They help me keep informed of the latest trends, issues and success stories from our industry. The association also provides us with a unified voice within the construction industry and at various levels of government. Our membership is valuable, and I find the more you put into our association the more you get out of it."

ServcoCanada (Formerly DMS Industrial Constructors)

East Side Ventilation

Cobbes P & H

Unite Interactive