Our History

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba (MCAM) was formed through the dedication of Leonard Winder in 1970 and officially incorporated in November 1971. Prior to 1970, MCAM was identified as the Manitoba branch of The National Canadian Plumbing, Heating and Mechanical Contractors Association. The creation of MCAM came as Contractors desired a constitution that applied fairly to all Mechanical Contractors to ensure all contractors were represented by the work of the Association. MCAM's first elected President was Jim Goodman of Randall Plumbing and Heating and the first official Board of Directors meeting was held January 6th, 1971.

A Special Meeting was held in December 1972, inviting every Mechanical Contractor in Manitoba to join the conversation settling the Association's constitution. The official Notice of the Meeting read:

"....The Executive of M.C.A.M. extends a hearty and cordial welcome to every Mechanical Contractor in the province of Manitoba, Union and Non-Union, those who are making contributions and those who are not, to attend this meeting...Come on out and meet the fellows and give us the benefit of your opinion...."

The goal of the association was to work for the betterment of the industry and the individual contractor.

Time has passed, some things have changed, some have not. Industry members are no longer referred to as "fellows", rather men and woman or generically, contractors. M.C.M has become MCAM. Most importantly, the foundation and vision of the founding members remains the same. MCAM represents the entire Industry, union, non-union, rural, urban, residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial, constructors and service providers, affiliated sub-trades and suppliers. MCAM represents the voice of the entire Mechanical Industry in Manitoba. Also true to the original notice, MCAM Board of Directors seeks out and values the benefit of the membership's opinion through proper representation on the Board, consultation and direct membership input.

The first MCAM office was located at 1871 Ellice Avenue on the second floor of the Highlander Curling Club. MCAM moved its offices to 1-860 Bradford Street, Winnipeg and in 2016 relocated to its current location at 320-830 King Edward Street. The new Head Office is also the location of the MCAM Boardroom and Educational Center.

MCAM First Elected Board of Directors

Jim Goodman (President)

Randall Plumbing & Heating

Jack Grierson

Daplex Plumbing & Heating

Tom Barr

Barr-Repka Ltd

Bogden Klymk

B & D Plumbing & Heating

A.W. Miller

Easton Plumbing & Heating

R. Corsar

J. W. Bodner Co. Ltd.

Fran Watts

Mikkelsen-Coward Ltd.

K. Weppler

Active Plumbing & Heating

Past Presidents

1970-72 - Jim Goodman
1972-74 - F. Watts
1974 - Dave Eckmire
1974-75 - John Turner
1975-76 - Dave Eckmire
1977-79 - Bogden Klymkiw
1979-81 - Vic Clayton
1981-83 - G. Foster
1983-85 - G. Faurschou
1985-87 - L. Cleutinx
1989-91 - G. Stone
1991-93 - Marcel. Brissette
1993-95 - Gerry Guillou
1995-97 - Art McKenzie
1997-00 - James Derksen
2000-02 - M. Brissette
2002-04 - Ryan Einarson
2004-06 - Mitch Zajac
2006-08 - Jamie Mcnabb
2008-11 - Bob Modjeski
2011-13 - Brad Mason
2013-15 - Robert Thain
2015-16 - Marc Lynch
2016-17 - Brad Mason
2017-18 - Roger Phaneuf
2018-20 - Dan Olson
2020-21 - Roger Phaneuf
2021-24 - Julien Lafleche

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