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Code of Ethics

Believing that business standards of a high order are essential to progress, and that they will better qualify us to serve society, we have adopted the following rules of conduct:

  • Members of the Association shall take a professional responsibility with all business functions founded on trust, and every transaction to which they are a party to shall be conducted with honour and integrity.
  • Members of the Association shall promote action which will prove to be beneficial to the public interest and in the best interests of the mechanical contracting industry as a whole.
  • Members of the Association shall maintain a high level of quality in both material and workmanship thereby providing the best possible service to our clients.
  • Members of the Association shall abide by all applicable laws, codes, regulations and standard practices to safeguard our industry's performance for the protection of public health and the environment.
  • Members of the Association shall firmly stand by the principle that all contracts, whether written or oral, be performed with the same good faith and intent with which the parties entered the agreement and any disagreements should be resolved by negotiation or arbitration, in preference to legal action.
  • Members of the Association shall promote fairness in dealing with their employees, treating them with respect and assisting and encouraging their intellectual and skill development.
  • Members of the Association shall support, and shall encourage their peers to support the policies and objectives of the Association, both nationally and provincially.
Services, Programs, Social
  • Job Site Journals to keep track of your job progress
  • Safety handbook
  • President's Ball, Golf Tournament, Honourable Pioneer Reception
  • Networking events with industry stakeholders
  • Mechanical Contractors University of Manitoba Student Chapter
  • Government and Industry Relations Input
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Membership advantage discounts on...
  • Airport Parking
  • Aon Insurance Discount
  • Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge fleet Discount
  • Marks Work Wearhouse Discounts
  • Collections and Outstanding Debt
  • Communications, Computer & Office Equipment
  • Couriers & Shipping
  • Perkopolis Discounts
  • Petro Canada Discounts
  • Gases, Equipment & Fabrication Supplies
  • Office Furniture and Supplies
  • Choice Hotels Discounts

* For more information on membership benefits, please contact MCAM.

We hereby make application for membership in the Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba Inc. Upon acceptance of this application we will abide by the bylaws and policies of the Association as well as its code of ethics.
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