Strategic Plan

Government Partnership & Advocacy

  • To actively engage government departments (all levels) to promote industry issues.
  • To actively engage political leaders to promote industry issues.
  • To pursue current key issues.
    • Prompt Payment
    • Apprenticeship
    • Permitting
    • Office of the Fire Commissioner

Member Engagement & Recruitment

  • To create a mechanism/forum for members to proactively engage with the Board.
  • To enhance communication and promote value from the association to the membership.
    e.g. Promotion of line card, website, newsletter, events
  • To establish criteria and hold membership to a high standard.
  • To promote mandatory membership and professional designation for MCAM members.
  • To enhance networking opportunities.
    • Service Contractors, Associates, Mechanical Contractors

Enhancing External Relationships

  • To create a mechanism and forum to engage with consultants, general contractors, architects, and engineers.
  • To promote the creation of a conflict resolution and mediation role of MCAM.
    e.g. Contracting, Work Rules and Specs
  • To enhance relationships and promote MCAM membership value perception with Owners and Procurement Groups.
  • To partner with industry stakeholders.
    e.g. Trade Definitions


  • To support, co-ordinate and develop training for MCAM members.
    e.g. Field, Office, Technical, Business Acumen, Safety
  • To develop director skills and competence, including role clarity.
  • To promote and educate the public on the value of MCAM Contractors and members.

MCAM Organizational Development

  • To ensure the by-laws, support the MCAM Strategic Plan.
  • To ensure membership fee structure supports implementation of the strategic plan and the long term viability of MCAM.
  • Create a committee structure that ensures the expectations of the membership are met.
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