Student Chapter

The Student Chapter provides future Engineers the opportunity to gain experience in the Mechanical contracting Industry. The Industry they will be working for, designing for or hiring during their careers. Exposure to the Industry through summer work experience, educational events and networking activities provides the opportunity for:

- The student to understand how design work impacts job-sites
- Contractors to identify potential project coordinators and managers
- Critical relationships to be formed early in careers

Formation of the Student Chapter

The 2017-2018 school year saw the formation of the student chapter with 9 Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Bio-system Engineering Students from the University of Manitoba. Each year the chapter has experienced growth and membership is now limited at 25 student members.

University of Manitoba Student Chapter Constitution

A Wide Range of Experiences and Activities

Student Chapter members are invited to all association education, networking and member events. Whether their career path leads to design, sales or project management, building relationships now, will pay dividends in the future. MCAM Past President, Dan Olson stated "....the student chapter interacting and networking with the MCAM association has been invaluable for both the students in getting a glimpse of the industry they will be working with and the MCAM Board of Directors and members meeting their future engineers."

Tania Johnston, CEO of MCA Canada stated " The National Student Chapter Program since 2008 has been a critical link to improving the understanding of our future Engineers with Mechanical Contracting. Nationally, we were pleased to have the program extend westward with the addition of MCAM in 2017. We look forward to the prospect of further expansion west in 2020."

As MCAM Student Chapter gains history, members are experiencing the full benefits of the program. Founding members have moved from Summer employment to Permanent, from Student Chapter to MCAM Next Gen and our network and knowledge sharing expands. Current members considering careers in consulting and design are more aware of the impact of their future work. Contact information has been shared and relationships formed.

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