Advisory Councils / Working Groups

The work of the MCAM is supported through standing committees, advisory councils and working groups, which report to the board of directors.

Advisory Councils

Advisory Councils act as a means of consulting with or providing value to a specific aspect of the MCAM membership. They also provide advice and support to the Board of Directors pertaining to their specific area of expertise. A call for Advisory Council members is sent annually to the entire membership.

MCAM Advisory Councils are:

I. Associates Advisory Council
II. Mechanical Service Contractors Advisory Council
III. Next Gen Advisory Council
IV. Nominating Advisory Council

Working Groups

On occasion, the Board may form a working group to review a specific issue. The Board will appoint or invite members at large based on skills, knowledge and interest. The working group will be created by Board Motion and be provided a clear mandate. The group will be disbanded when the mandate has been met.

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