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Marc Lynch Award

The Marc Lynch Award is a legacy in honour of Marc Lynch of Randall Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Marc passed away January 5, 2016. He was a quiet strength behind the Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba. He had a vision of what MCAM should be and passionately communicated his vision to the staff and Board of Directors. The Association carries out his vision of excellence in the industry.

The Marc Lynch Award is intended for MCAM member companies' staff and family members pursuing a post-secondary program.

Applications are assessed based on criteria reflecting the values of Marc including:

Community Involvement
Vision & Goals

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Marc Lynch Scholarship Past Recipients


Blake Stefanec - Child of Larry Stefanec, Parsons Plumbing & Heating
Mireille Krul - Sibling of Guillaume Krul, EMCO
Raffaelle Caligiuri - Nephew of Ryan Mackie, Midwest Engineering


Bradyn Gratton - Child of Leo Gratton, ABCO Supply & Service
Nathan Driver - Employee and family member of Darrell Driver, Ainsworth
Raffaelle Caligiuri - Nephew of Ryan Mackie, Midwest Engineering


Benjamin Hewitt - Son of Chris Hewitt, President of SMS Engineering
Corinna Hildebrand - Daughter of Glenn Hildebrand of Randall Plumbing & Heating
Ryder Duncan - Son of Rob Duncan of EMCO


Dayne Bruce - Son of Lisa Bruce of DMS Industrial Constructors
Nathan Bartecki - Son of Jonathan Bartecki of Johnson Controls


Erik Barrett - Pending confirmation
Erik Sigurdson - Son of Rob Sigurdson with EH Price Ltd


Ranna McIntosh- Ranna's stepfather, Bob Modjeski is Vice President of WESCAN
Mylinda Boulter - Daughter of employee of Westwood Mechanical
Danika Duncan- Daughter of Rob Duncan of EMCO


Breanna Di Lazzaro - Breanna's father, Robert Di Lazzaro is President of ABCO
Bryce Dino Marino - Bryce's father, Dino Marino is owner of Dormer Finishing Systems
Jessica Korving - Jessica's father, Rick Korving is Partner of Randall Plumbing and Heating


Bailey Trudel -Bailey's father, Kevin Trudel is an Employee of Lowe Mechanical.
Laura Wall -Laura's father, Gary Wall is an Employee of Randall Plumbing and Heating.
Ryan McIntosh -Ryan's Step-Father, Bob Modjeski is an Employee of Wescan Electrical Mechanical Services & GMA Industrial.

William J. Atkinson Award

Since 2002, funded from a generous endowment by Bill Atkinson, founder of ABCO Supply & Service. Awards of $1000 are presented annually to students completing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Level 1, Plumbing Level 2, or Steamfitter & Pipefitter Level 3 who have earned an academic standing of at least 75%. Recipients will have a demonstrated commitment to community involvement and/or volunteerism as well as proven leadership skills.

Application forms are available from the academic faculty at Red River College and should be submitted along with a current transcript as well as a reference from a former educator or employer to the Student Service Centre. Deadline for applications is September 4, 2020.

Online application:

MCAM sits on the selection committee along with academic representatives from Red River College. Mr. Atkinson presents the awards each year at MCAM's Pioneer Night where past Pioneers, MCAM members and award recipients are invited to attend.

William J. Atkinson Award Past Recipients


Cole Peterson - Level 1 Refrigeration
Tanner Rooke - Level 2 Plumbing


Campbell Gregory - Level 2 Plumbing
Ronald JR Ilagan - Level 3 Steamfitting-Pipefitting


Blake Joseph - Level 1 Refrigeration
James Anderson - Level 3 Plumbing


Ian Lodewyks - Level 2 Plumbing
Bryce Buchanan -Level 2 Plumbing


Jesse Reich - Level 2 Plumbing
Derrick Baraniuk - Level 2 Plumbing
Kevin Stewart - Level 2 Plumbing


Taylor Hogan - Level 1 Refrigeration
Kyle Rous - Level 2 Plumbing
Kyle Ryan - Level 2 Plumbing


Scott Forbes - Level 2 Plumbing
Quinn Yakomoski (Not Attending)
Matthew Huston (Not Attending)
Stephane Audette - Level 2 Plumbing


Christopher Kosinski - Level 2 Plumbing
Gilles Perron - Level 2 Plumbing
Jeffrey Toews - Level 2 Plumbing


Andrew Williams - 1st Level Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Chris Kopec - Level 2 Plumbing
K'Lu Taw - Level 2 Plumbing
Dylan Smith - Level 2 Plumbing
Paul Peasey - Level 2 Plumbing


Ross Forbes - 2nd Level Plumbing


Kelly Kemball - Level 2 Plumbing
John Froese - Level 2 Plumbing


Brant Bell - Level 2 Plumbing
Michael Oman - Level 3 Steamfitting and Pipefitting


Jacob Klassen - Level 2 Plumbing
Steven Verwey - Level 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Romeo Lantano - Level 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic


Jacob Klassen - Level 2 Plumbing
Jason Schroeder - Level 1 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic


Jason Loewen - Level 2 Plumbing


Stuart Brick - Level 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Nick Danylchuk - Level 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Norman Siemens - Level 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Robert Syrota - Level 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic


Justin Marucci - Level 1 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Peter Bieker - Level 3 Steamfitting/Pipefitting


Neil Armstrong - Level 1 refrigeration
Joseph Savoie - Level 2 Plumbing


Scott Enns - Level 1 Refrigeration
Michael Stevenson - Level 1 Refrigeration


Jason Schroeder - Level 2 Plumbing


Manly Arnason - Level 2 Plumbing
Kurt Walterson - Level 1 Refrigeration

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MCAC Scholarship Program

Richard McKeagan Scholarship Series

To emphasize the importance of education and MCAC's desire to have post-secondary graduates, as well as current undergraduates, enter into the mechanical contracting industry, the Construction Education Council in partnership with MCA Canada Associate Members established the Richard McKeagan Scholarship Series, recently renamed to recognize the work of the Association's past-CEO Richard McKeagan.

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