High School Apprenticeship Program

"Today's Student. Tomorrow's Workforce"

What is the High School Apprenticeship Program?

The High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) offers students a chance to learn about any trade in Manitoba by being mentored by employer. They are registered as a high school apprentice and are able to do entry level work to gain experience and a passion for the trade. HSAP's purpose is to engage students in a trade where they will be fulfilled and become the workforce of tomorrow. The Winnipeg School Division (WSD) has a Career Education Team that is working to build partnerships with employers to support this initiative. Other details include:

  • Students who participate in HSAP are to be paid at least minimum wage plus 10% (as per Apprenticeship MB). They will work while balancing a school schedule, and often most hours happen when schools are closed.
  • Employers can seek financial aid to hire HSAP students, including 25% wage coverage up to $5000. More info here.
  • Employers can pair a student with a Journeyperson or Designated Trainer.
  • Forms.

How do students become a High School Apprentice?

  1. Schools have students engage in career exploration and the student identifies an interest in working in the trades. They will be given support in resume building and interview preparation.
  2. If the student needs help finding work, they can use the Career Advisor in the school and connect with the HSAP/Career Education Support Teacher; our schools are compiling a list of employers that can support this.
  3. Once an employer is chosen, a meeting will be arranged so the student can see the workplace and meet the employer.
  4. If the employer agrees to take the student, the HSAP Application form must be completed as well as divisional forms to ensure work place safety. A safety officer will be notified and will connect with the employer to arrange a meeting and discuss safety (as per MB Education).
  5. Upon approval from the safety officer, the student will start work and begin accruing hours.


For more information on the High School Apprenticeship program and partnering with the Winnipeg School Division, please contact Shanker Singh, the HSAP/Career Education Support Teacher, at ssingh@wsd1.org or (204) 997-7734.

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