Next Gen

Who/what is the MCAM Next Gen?

MCAM Next Gen is an Advisory Council to the Board of Directors. Next Gen members are 40 years and younger and have been identified by their employers as upcoming leaders. The Advisory Council, comprised 27 members representing a cross section of the Industry, 1 Board Representative and the Executive Director provide valuable feedback to the Board of Directors through the lens of the Next Generation.

Goals of the Next Gen Advisory Council

MCAM Next Gen recommends and organizes networking and Educational Events relative to the interests of the Next Gen demographic. They raise critical industry issues with the Board of Directors and work to fully engage the future of the Mechanical Industry. MCAM Next Gen also provides support to local charities.

Interested in Participating?

If you would like to consider one of your team members for MCAM Next Gen, please contact MCAM Executive Director, Ramona Coey at for more information.


MCAM allows us to network on different levels. Their approach helps us break down industry barriers. The collaboration had on our successes/struggles are priceless. Our industry as a whole is benefiting from having our Next Gen involved at such an early stage of our careers.

Cory Ball​
General Manager
Manitoba & Saskatchewan


MCAM Next Gen is an excellent opportunity to network and engage with up and coming industry leaders. It cultivates an atmosphere for new bleeding edge industry ideas and concepts. Often is the case, we as young professionals enter into a system with deep treads and a dated methods. Next Gen gives us a space to consider how the wheel could be reinvented with fresh perspectives and emerging concepts. Additionally it adds real value in the way of face to face conversations and relationships. In the age of digital communication, it can be simple to forget the impact of the hand shake deal. It is imperative to the future of our industry that we create lasting connections built on foundations like MCAM Next Gen.

Cory Gray
Thermo Applicators

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