MCAM in the Community

The MCAM Board of Director's is committed to maintaining a charitable profile in Manitoba with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on outcomes in Manitoba, for Manitobans.

As such MCAM selects a "Charity of Choice", providing a commitment to the charity/charities for a time period consistent with the Association's Strategic Plan. This provides a 5-year commitment to the selected Charity/Charities of Choice, making planning and budgeting for the charity predictable. As well, it provides MCAM membership the opportunity to nominate charities meaningful to them. All applications will be recognized through the MCAM website and social media.

MCAM 2022-2027 Charities of Choice

"We are delighted to be a part of MCAM especially the annual MCAM golf tournament. Siloam Mission is extremely grateful for the continued support and partnership of MCAM and its members. Thanks to this support, MCAM members are helping people living in poverty and homelessness make positive changes and move forward with their lives."

Janet Mcleod
Capital Campaign Director



"Sam's Foundation was created to work with Canadian youth, particularly those in crisis and to help them receive the support needed to retake control of their lives and ensure positive outcomes. The foundation works to educate and challenge adults and youth alike to choose empathy and action over silence and to live their lives with purpose."

MCAM 2027-2032

The MCAM Board of Director's is committed to maintaining a Charitable profile in our home community of Manitoba. MCAM's goal is to have a positive impact on outcomes for Manitobans. Throughout the year MCAM receives requests of support for worthwhile charitable organizations and/or activities. The Board of Directors is developing a multi-year approach in line with the timing of the MCAM Strategic Plan for supporting a Manitoba based charity. The intention is for the strategy is to provide a commitment period to the charitable organization for planning and budgeting purposes as well as the opportunity for MCAM membership to nominate a charity meaningful to them.

As a member of MCAM, you are invited to submit a charity for consideration for the 2027-2032 MCAM Strategic Planning Period.

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