Gallagher Insurance Canada

100 Scurfield Blvd [view map]
Winnipeg, MB  R3Y 1G4
Phone: 204-925-7549
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The Gallagher Construction team focuses on developing surety, insurance and risk management programs for contractors, sub-contractors, engineering firms and asset owners. Our collaborative approach helps clients across Canada handle projects of all sizes and complexity.

Before, during and after construction, projects are exposed to risks that could impact the successful completion of the job or open you to liability. Gallagher's Construction team has the expertise to help you navigate market conditions, underwriting restrictions and complex project characteristics. We take a collaborative approach with project stakeholders, tailoring coverage to the unique needs and parameters of each project.

Our team of construction experts partner with you to create a risk management program that closes gaps and supports your business. Gallagher's insurance and risk management team is able to secure multiple lines of insurance to create comprehensive coverage for all aspects of your business



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