Ambit Engineering Inc

PO Box 23046 [view map]
Winnipeg, MB  R3T 5S3
Phone: 204-202-3265
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Ambit Engineering is a mechanical and electrical engineering firm based out of Winnipeg, MB.

Ambit Engineering specializes in the design of mechanical and electrical building systems for low and mid-rise residential, commercial developments, and a variety of industrial environments. We also provide building assessments and pre-purchase agreement reviews as other services to our clients. Visit our services page for a complete list of design services.

For all inquiries either call 204-202-3265 or email us at

Company Directory

Contacts Role Phone E-mail
Aaron Barton Mechanical Engineer 204-202-3265 ext. 1
Ian Swintak Electrical Engineer 204-202-3265 ext. 2
Quillan Daniel Mechanical Designer 204-202-3265 ext. 3
Sebastian Jozwiak Mechanical Engineer 204-202-3265 ext. 4



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