Advanced Environmental Services Inc.

341 Stanley Street [view map]
Winnipeg, MB  R3A 1S7
Phone: 204-284-6390
Fax: 204-284-0475
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Advanced Environmental Services Inc. is a local, family-owned business serving Manitoba for 30 years with environmental services in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional settings. Our NADCA-accredited company specializes in quality duct and ventilation system cleaning using trained technicians, brushes, air whips, and powerful truck-powered vacuum systems. Our abatement division tackles all manner of asbestos removal, mould remediation and selective demolition jobs while adhering to safe work procedures and provincial guidelines. Our newest service is dry ice blasting, which has many applications such as garbage chute cleaning, graffiti removal, paint booth cleaning, etc. and provides a quality clean without secondary waste like power washing or sandblasting. In all services we offer, Advanced Environmental aims to provide a quality and reliable service.

Company Directory

Contacts Role Phone E-mail
Richard Czajka Owner 204-997-2000
Samantha Sposob General Manager 204-998-4434
Christopher Czajka Operations Manager 204-997-3000



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