Prompt Payment Legislation

MCAM is a member of the Manitoba Prompt Payment Coalition, a coalition of 32 provincial trade associations and unions. In April 2018 the Coalition celebrated the success of Bill 218, The Prompt Payment in the Construction Industry Act passing first reading. Championed by MLA, Reg Helwer, the Bill raised the issue of Delayed Payment to the forefront in Industry communications and provincial media sources.

Press Release - MBPP - Bill 218 passes 2nd reading

While the Bill had logistical flaws, Industry worked together to provide recommendation to Mr. Helwer on how the Bill would better serve the Construction Industry. With the end of the legislative session, Bill 218 having passed second reading died before reaching committee.

Dedicated to seeing the needs of the Industry met through a fair Prompt Payment Regime, Mr. Helwer worked with Legislative writers to incorporate the recommendation Industry provided to Bill 218. Bill 245, was introduced by Mr. Helwer and passed first reading on June 3th, 2019.

With the calling of a Provincial Election, a short first session and a global pandemic, the MBPP has been patient in the re-introduction of Bill 245.

With economic uncertainty and increasing cash flow concerns, the need for Prompt Payment Legislation is more relevant than ever. With the onset of the Pandemic, local contractors are reporting payment delays of an additional up to 30 days; that of course is beyond the on average delay of 72 days.

MCAM continues to work with its Provincial Industry partners and hopes to see Bill 245 or a re-write introduced when Government returns to session this October.

Change Order Labour Rate Protocol

MCAM is committed to the development and acceptance of an Industry wide Change Order Labour Rate regime. The Board of Directors created a working group including Shawn Henry of Wescan and Chris Derksen of Derksen Plumbing and Heating to carefully consider the issue. While the working group has produced the basis for a provincial rate for consideration by Industry partners, this project is on hold while MCA Canada addresses the issue at a National Level. MCA Canada and their partners with the NTCCC are working with the Canadian Construction Association to develop a National Standard Change Order Labour Rate regime. MCAM hopes to have a formal update on a National Change Order Labour Rater Regime by Fall 2020.

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