Staffing Changes for MCAC

February 13, 2020

Pierre Boucher to depart as MCA Canada CEO

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) would like to extend its gratitude and thanks to Pierre Boucher, who is departing the association as CEO on Feb. 28, 2020.

Pierre's leadership and guidance helped to move MCAC forward on a number of important issues, including a new emphasis on innovation and technology, great progress on key advocacy issues such as the naming of subtrades and other industry practices, helping to modernize many of the operations at the MCA Canada national office, and creating a closer working relationship with MCA partners across Canada. Pierre provided years of experience and expertise on a variety of topics, and his enthusiasm for the success of the industry was a great addition to MCAC.

MCA Canada announces new leadership

After thoughtful deliberation following the announcement of Pierre's departure, the MCAC Executive Committee have worked hard to develop new framework to guide the association. It is pleased to report that Tania Johnston and Ken Lancastle will now helm the leadership team of MCAC as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively.

Tania and Ken will work together in close partnership on the strategy and operations of MCA Canada, and the MCAC Executive Committee looks forward to working closely with Tania and Ken in their new roles, as well as the national office staff.


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