Invitation to Winnipeg Social Procurement Roundtable - Construction Sector Opportunities

May 23, 2024

City of Winnipeg, Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and CCEDNet invite you to join the next Winnipeg Social Procurement Roundtable which will be focused on Construction Sector Opportunities. This event will include information on the City's new sustainable procurement construction project tools that bidders can expect to see soon and will provide a space for contractors to connect with social enterprise, Indigenous business, and diverse business. These relationships will be key to deliver on the City's requests for social procurement in construction.

Wednesday June 26, 2024
9am-11am CT

Sergeant Tommy Prince Place, 90 Sinclar Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Please come to Senior Hall.

This Social Procurement Roundtable is for you if you are:

  • A City contractor in the construction industry who wants to be able to compete successfully on the City's social procurement evaluations by incorporating social value into your supply chain;
  • A social enterprise, Indigenous business or diverse business who works in the construction sector; or
  • A public-sector purchaser procuring on construction projects.

The Winnipeg Social Procurement Roundtable is an interactive event that will provide an opportunity for purchasers from across Winnipeg to connect with social enterprises, Indigenous businesses and diverse businesses and incorporate them into their supply chain. The purchasers will include City purchasers, public sector purchasers and private sector purchasers. Businesses who sell to the City will have the opportunity to connect with social value suppliers and incorporate social value suppliers into their supply chain in response to the City's goals for sustainable procurement.

Join co-chairs Chris Henry from the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and Michael Barkman from CCEDNet Manitoba where we will:

  • Learn more about the social procurement clauses in construction projects from the City's Procurement Coordinator, Corinne Evason;
  • Network with social value suppliers and purchasers; and
  • Stay up to date on what is happening in Winnipeg with social procurement.

Please register for this free event at:

Register here - Winnipeg Social Procurement Roundtable- Construction Sector Opportunities - Sergeant Tommy Prince Place (

Event capacity is limited.


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